Reaming Shells

Reaming Shells

Safari’s heavy-duty diamond set reaming shell is a reliable match for conventional and wireline core barrel assemblies with drill hole diameters up to 8 inches (152.4 mm) wide.

Economical, versatile, this is your all-purpose solution – for light and medium drilling… in abrasive and non-abrasive conditions… through hard and soft ground… with in bits using of natural P3 grade diamonds or synthetic materials.

Tell Safari what you need. We’ll satisfy your needs.

Standard Features
  • Full-matrix body gauge ring cast onto a steel-tool body for maximum strength and tool integrity
  • Spiral waterway canals that clear bit cuttings effectively, while maintaining full 360-hole contact with the matrix body gauge ring
  • Gauge ring setting combining a mechanically-rounded P3 Grade natural drill diamond of 20 to 35 stones per carat with seismic-grade, tungsten-carbide wear pads cast to be tough and abrasion-resistant
Available Options
  • Hard metal strips armour-coating the steel tool body
  • Synthetic material replacing the natural P3 grade diamond if potential contamination by natural diamond crystals is a concern.